How to Approach Mechanics?

Mechanics is one of the most logical and interesting part in the physics subject. If you feel difficulty in these topics then you need not fear as many of the students face difficulty when they try to prepare for this branch of physics. The most common reason for this to happen is they are not strong with their basics. In this article we will discuss the right way of approaching the subject which will make your learning the subject simple and interesting. We hope our way of approach will definitely help you in understanding the subject in an easy way and you will excel in your exams.

What are “Basic concepts”?

You might have heard people saying that “Basic concepts are very important”. But let us first understand what is the meaning of “Basic concepts”. Basic concepts refers to the most basic building block of the concept. These basic building blocks can be very simple definition about some entity or terminology. Although these basic building block may look very simple but skipping them will have a great impact on your further understanding of the concepts. You can relate these basic building blocks with the pillars of a building which is to be built.

Importance of basic concepts or fundamentals

Basic concepts and fundamentals are one and the same. Let us continue with the reference of the previous paragraph in which we treated the basic concepts as the pillars of the building. Let us assume that the pillars of the building are built in a good way and are in the same shape then naturally the building built on these concepts will also be strong because of the pillars. If we consider that the pillars of that building are not built properly and are weak then there is a high possibility of the building falling down because of the weak pillars.

The same thing can also be applied in case of mechanics also. If we skip the fundamentals of it or if we do not have full understanding of the basic concepts then you will never be able to have a good grip over the upcoming concepts of mechanics. Skipping or not paying concentration on the basic concepts of mechanics is the most common mistake that most of the students make. This makes the subject confusing and uninteresting.


If you want to have a goof grip over mechanics part then without any doubt you have to have a good understanding over the basics. After having a good grip over the basics you will automatically find the subject easy and interesting. Here is a video by ER Dushyant Kumar where all the concepts which are required for the preparation of mechanics part are listed in detail These are the concepts which you have to prepare in order to get a good score in your entrance exam. We hope that our tips will definitely help you in gaining a good grip on the subject and also help you to get a good score in your entrance exam.    

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