To clear the myth that inorganic chemistry is simply mugging up, here we present to you, our book inorganic in my pocket. The book is accompanied with self-explanatory video lectures which will help you in building rock solid concepts. The book has previous year questions, some important questions and tricks to memories things. Inorganic will no more be a threat or a hurdle in your path. IIT is the destination. Strive till the goal is not achieved.

Inorganic in my pocket is most effective book for both beginners and advance learners due to the way it had been compiled for the following reasons:

Simple and easy to recall font style- Student friendly font duplicates self note-making idea therefore a student feels he/she is writing his/her individual notes.

Exhaustive theory- After analyzing the pattern of IIT-JEE and engineering exams. Theory was compiled in such a way that it is easy to memorize and correlate. Linking one article to multiple articles of same concept is done so that reading each lecture is synonymous to learning concepts.
Lecture wise videos are 100% similar to the lecture wise theory in books.

Types of practice sheets- Different type of worksheets are given for practice three level of questions- easy , medium , difficult.
● Do your self- It is a worksheet given at the end of each lecture focusing only on questions of the lecture that you just finished.
● Final shoot- It covers question of medium and difficult level of 2 -3 related lectures.
● Practice question- Practice sheet given at the end of each chapter cover questions from all the lectures in the chapter. These questions are for exam focus.
● All the solutions are given in final shoot video lecture dvd by Er. Dushyant kumar.

Unique teaching aids only in ER. Dushyant kumar Inorganic in my pocket book.
● S I U LQ text.
Some Importantly Used Lines in the Questions.
This is an aid to magnify lines that are similarly asked in questions in exams. As inorganic chemical reactions are mainly about products and color change. A single word(brown ppt, yellow ppt etc) or a line can be enough to find the accurate answer.
It helps reducing time by avoiding full length of question and focusing only on the important line to deduce the answer.

● Always remember box.
Content given in the book with “Always remember” box are the solved numerical and conceptual questions highly important for entrance exam.

● Revision maps.
Extensive, lengthy and difficult to learn reactions & reactions mechanism is explained in a simple map like structure for quick memorizing and easy revision of complete chapter in one go.

Our “In My Pocket” series of books and dvd video lecture is designed only for students aiming for IIT-JEE(mains & advanced) and other engineering entrance exam. Er. Dushyant Kumar in this series has particularly taught inorganic chemistry in accordance to the level of question and paper pattern as prescribed in IIT-JEE syllabus. Questions as asked in previous year IIT-JEE entrance exams are discussed by him in video lectures.


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