Kit Pack for 11th & 12th


Wondering what Magic these Calendars can bring?

To know answer continues reading…..
1. Summarised ideas on a single sheet. Flip it as frequent as deadline
2. Glued eyes on walls while day- dreaming turns into learning
experience with our calendars .
3. Apart from necessary Maths and Science Calendars, and
addition of English Calendar will help students notice the minute
learning of this Global language.

Maths make life easier if done smartly

1. Maths Tricks save time so that you can utilise it in other scoring areas.
2. Increase Mental Capabilities and Intelligence Quotient of students.
3. The easiest and fastest calculation methods make students smarter than others.

Package Contents


1. Maths Tricks (With Videos)
2. 1 Lakh Reactions in 1 Hour (With Videos)


1. English Calendar
2. Physics Calendar (Class 11th & 12th)
3. Final Touch Calendar (Class 12th)
4. Biology Calendar (Class 11th & 12th)
5. Conversion Chart Calendar
6. Periodic Table Calendar
7. Chemistry Calendar (Class 11th)
8. Math Calendar (Class 11th & 12th)

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