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This is a comprehensive book that assists you with in depth analysis of all topics and sub topics covered in the Organic Chemistry. Organic Chemistry is a subpart of chemistry that talks about properties, structure, organic materials, and reaction of organic compounds. This field of study is directly interlinked to organometallic chemistry, medicinal chemistry, polymer chemistry, and biochemistry. Known to be the toughest of all, organic chemistry gives a tough time to the best of students. This very useful book is accompanied by self-explanatory video lessons by Er. Dushyant Kumar, who is a pioneer in Organic Chemistry and has trained thousands of IIT’ans. JEE Mains and advanced exams don’t just test your understanding of the concept but also test your ability to interpret information and your problem solving skills. The basic emphasis of these exams is more on the advanced skills rather than superficial knowledge. This book helps the young minds sharpen their knowledge and apply that in practical solutions. The presentation is interesting and never dull to keep you intact and not bore you. Once thorough with this book, you are sure to ace the organic chemistry and emerge as a winner.

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For your best performance in JEE and Engg. Entrance exam “Organic in my pocket” By Er. Dushyant Kumar is the most relevant book for your study table.
The salient features which makes it important for every aspirant are-
● Elaborated theory written in concise form without ignoring the essentials of JEE syllabus.
● Assessment test are given in the beginning of the chapter to let each student know their level of preparation before starting to learn.
● The classic pattern of learning organic chemistry is enhanced by Er. Dushyant Kumar by segregating the table of content
– Effects(inductive, mesomeric, resonance etc)
-Mechanism of organic reactions.
-Chapter wise theory& video lectures as per the syllabus.
● Previous year questions are given included to check the pattern of the exam.
● Practice questions are given under ‘Do Yourself ’ and ‘Final shoot”. Once you solve them you can check its correctness with the video solution given in the DVD.

All editions are in sync with the latest exam syllabus and consists of sufficient questions to practice. This package is enough to study for JEE and Engg. Entrance exams.


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