You might wonder – How One book is a complete solution to several physics Books?
That’s how our book does it –

Extensive theory described in simple language

in our Book will wipe out “Reference theory Books” off your shelves.

Questions are given as different stages of learning in each chapter-
1. Concept Builders

Once you read theory properly concept builder help you to apply it in questions.

2. Concept Evaluator

After assessing your theory & its application. You get to evaluate your study by realistic analysis in Concept Evaluator.

3. Final Shoot Questions

It is exclusively formulated to give you an edge in the chapter you studied as it makes you solve questions of miscellaneous difficulty level.

4. Previous 30 Year Questions and its video solution.

Er. Dushyant Kumar’s PHYSICS BOOK is the compilation of previous 30 years questions as asked in various entrance exams.

5.Attention on *star symbol-

Star* mark during your reading of the book symbolifies that the topic/question is AIIMS level based. Hence you don’t need to buy a separate book for AIIMs preparation. One book covers it all, so while you are reading it you will study AIIMS level concept as well without losing your attention.
Here you can solve it to know your actual performance in the exams as well.

For HOTS (High order thinking skills) questions and quick revision, Tips and Tricks are added at the end of each chapter.

This was just the glimpse of how you can crack the hardnut “Physics” during your preparation.
Hurry own your Book & give yourself a strategic preparation for physics. Reach out to your best in exams this year.

Some Important Instructions For “Physics Now Easy For Doctors”

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Why Our Book

Since this is INDIA’s first video book for physics by Er. Dushyant Kumar with advanced teaching aids such as concept builder, concept evaluator, tips and tricks, *symbol attention and many more(described in the product description). These features are enough a reason for each student to grab it at once.
This book is successful for bringing in the feeling of “Physics Decoded” in its readers. It ease the fear of physics pertaining in students these days by an interactive and simplified method used by Er. Dushyant Kumar while teaching through his videos(Video package comes along with the books purchased). Physics will no longer be a reason for underscoring as the technicalities with which it is complied focuses on stepwise process- Extensive theory reading with symbolized topics for AIIMS study. Once you read thoroughly, concept building is aimed through concept builder question. Later the grasping of concepts in concept builder is evaluated by concept evaluator question. Towards the end stage of the study is final shoot for each chapter which focuses on questions of various difficulty level asked through it.
Following the pattern, you will come across the question of previous 30 years to test your abilities of solving the paper during exam time.
Therefore this book is designed as a one-stop solution to all the problems student frequently come across in physics.
All the best!


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